Continue your exploration of physics with ‘University Physics Volume 2’ by OpenStax, published in 2016. This second volume in the University Physics series delves into the captivating worlds of electromagnetism, optics, and quantum physics, designed for students progressing in their study of physics at the university level. Tailored for those majoring in physics, engineering, and related disciplines, this textbook builds on the fundamentals introduced in Volume 1, offering a deeper understanding of how the universe operates on both macroscopic and microscopic scales.

‘University Physics Volume 2’ covers essential topics such as electric forces and fields, circuits, magnetism, electromagnetic waves, light, and basic quantum physics. Each chapter is crafted to enhance understanding, with clear explanations, illustrative examples, and engaging problem-solving exercises. This textbook not only solidifies theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes practical applications, showcasing the relevance of electromagnetism and optics in modern technology and everyday life.

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In line with OpenStax’s mission to make education accessible to all, ‘University Physics Volume 2’ is available for free. This initiative ensures that students have access to high-quality educational materials, enabling learners from diverse backgrounds to excel in their studies without financial constraints. The 2016 edition features the latest pedagogical tools, including interactive online resources and comprehensive assessments designed to foster a deeper engagement with physics concepts.

Whether you’re aiming to specialize in physics, embark on an engineering career, or explore the scientific underpinnings of the technology that powers our world, ‘University Physics Volume 2’ by OpenStax (2016) is an invaluable resource. Dive into this textbook to uncover the mysteries of electromagnetism and waves, armed with the insights and analytical skills to push the boundaries of what’s possible in science and engineering.

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